What Are Committees?

ASCE's National Capital Section operates several volunteer-run Committees responsible for administrative, technical, outreach, and special-project functions. Administrative committees include: Logistics (Manages logistics and the registration desk for Section-level meetings); Technology (Manages administrative email accounts, Website, Online storage of documents) and Newsletter (Publishes 8-issues of the acclaimed ASCE-NCS eNewsletter in PDF format). Technical committees include: Construction, Geotechnical, History & Heritage, Structural, Sustainability, Transportation, , Water Resources, and Younger Member Forum. Outreach committees include: Communication (Sends newsletter, event registration, and volunteer opportunity communications); Volunteer (Manages Engineer's Week, Life Member). Special Project committees include: Centennial Celebration, DC Infrastructure Report Card, Boundary Stones, and other special projects the Section takes on. As a member of this Section, the path to a leadership position on the Board of Directors is through active participation in our committees. Should you be looking for ways to expand your management and leadership skills, consider joining or leading a Committee. You will find the contact information for our current Committee Chairs under the Contact Us menu.

Nutrient Management Facility, Alexandria, VA

Owned by Alexandria Renew Enterprises and was designed by CH2M

"The Nutrient Management Facility located in Alexandria, VA has been awarded the 2017 Sustainable Project of the Year by the Sustainability Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers National Capital Section. The project is owned by Alexandria Renew Enterprises and was designed by CH2M.

The Nutrient Management Facility includes 18 million gallons in tank capacity with associated pumps, chemical analysis equipment, and an extensive odor control system. It also includes a lit, regulation athletic field located on top of the process tanks, created as a community amenity.

The NMF stores partially treated wastewater to provide a buffer for nutrient loadings. This allows the plant to continue to maximize productivity with existing assets. The grey alternative would be to build many more process tankage to deal with peaks. The NMF reliably achieves stringent/ state-of-the-art nutrient discharge limits for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Accepting this award, on behalf of AlexRenew and CH2M is Rich Voigt. Mr. Voigt is a Principal Project Manager with CH2M’s Water Business group in the Herndon, Virginia, office. He has worked his entire 22-year career with CH2M, leading teams in the planning, design, permitting, and construction of municipal wastewater and water projects.

During the past 9 years, Mr. Voigt has provided continual project management for planning, design, and construction phase services to Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew). He was the Project Manager for AlexRenew’s Long Range Planning effort and the Program Manager for AlexRenew’s $131 million State-of-the-Art Nitrogen Upgrade Program at their Water Resource Recovery Facility, located in Alexandria, Virginia.