What Are Committees?

ASCE's National Capital Section operates several volunteer-run Committees responsible for administrative, technical, outreach, and special-project functions. Administrative committees include: Logistics (Manages logistics and the registration desk for Section-level meetings); Technology (Manages administrative email accounts, Website, Online storage of documents) and Newsletter (Publishes 8-issues of the acclaimed ASCE-NCS eNewsletter in PDF format). Technical committees include: Construction, Geotechnical, History & Heritage, Structural, Sustainability, Transportation, , Water Resources, and Younger Member Forum. Outreach committees include: Communication (Sends newsletter, event registration, and volunteer opportunity communications); Volunteer (Manages Engineer's Week, Life Member). Special Project committees include: Centennial Celebration, DC Infrastructure Report Card, Boundary Stones, and other special projects the Section takes on. As a member of this Section, the path to a leadership position on the Board of Directors is through active participation in our committees. Should you be looking for ways to expand your management and leadership skills, consider joining or leading a Committee. You will find the contact information for our current Committee Chairs under the Contact Us menu.

Sep 20, 2018 (Dinner Meeting): Flint Water Crisis - Background, Report and Status

Presented by Rebekah Martin (Flint Water Study Team)

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The ASCE-NCS Sustainability Committee is proud to announce that the September 20, 2018 ASCE-NCS Section Dinner Meeting will highlight the topic of “Lead Levels in Drinking Water in Flint, Michigan - Background, Report of Virginia Tech Investigation and Status”.   


Representing the renowned team of researchers led by Marc Edwards, M. ASCE, of Virginia Tech our distinguished guest speaker will be Rebekah Martin, a member of the Flint Water Study Team since their work began in the summer of 2015